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Top Tips - Save money and stay safe

  • Are you cool enough?

    Thursday - 04 May, 2017

    Despite the recent cold weather, spring has sprung and fine hot days are just around the corner. Don’t miss out and get over heated.

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  • Tired Tyres = DANGER!

    Monday - 26 September, 2016

    Did you know that on a wet road stopping distances are dangerously increased as tyre tread becomes seriously reduced?

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  • Jazz on the Pantiles - and all over town

    Wednesday - 17 August, 2016

    Meaning no offence to anyone who owns one since they are an incredibly well built and a very sensible car but the Honda jazz has long had a reputation for being the refuge of the older generation.

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  • Oil's well that ends well

    Friday - 17 June, 2016

    Checking you oil level periodically and topping it up as necessary is an important part of extending the life of your car and, more importantly, goes a long way to keeping down the cost of taking it to a garage.

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  • Are your nuts too tight?

    Tuesday - 17 May, 2016

    A common misconception amongst drivers is that the tighter a car’s wheel nuts are, the safer the wheel is. However, whilst it sounds sensible, this isn’t entirely correct.

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  • Now let's get this clear!

    Thursday - 10 March, 2016

    A steamed up windscreen is caused by one thing only, moisture condensing on the surface. The reasons however can be manyfold. Let's look at a few of the culprits to help you prevent it wherever you can.

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