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Miles Garage Ltd
65 - 69 Mount Sion
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN1 1TN


Repairs & bodywork in Tunbridge Wells

We carry out extensive vehicle repair work, from fault finding and mechanical repairs through to bodywork and accident damage. We provide customers with an honest assessment, providing estimates along with a professional opinion of viability in relation to the vehicle and the customers particular situation.

  • Repairs carried out related to MOT's
  • Only quality replacement parts used
  • Cars, vans and other light commercial vehicles repairs
  • Phone, text or email updates
  • Courtesy cars available whilst repairs carried out

Good again for many Miles

We carry out repairs of all types on all makes and models of car. From a quick fix to keep an old but trusty car alive without breaking the bank, to precise welding on cars that require extra love and attention to detail. The breadth and depth of experience our technicians have, combined with our state of the art diagnostics equipment, should be more than enough to provide you with a solution to almost any problem.

Miles Garage repairs - what can we do?

  • DPF regeneration and replacement
  • Cambelt, alternator belt and waterpump replacement
  • Aircon regassing and servicing
  • Many more things than will fit on a short list
  • Touch up, respraying or replacement of damaged panels
  • All different types of welding
  • Any and all body work repairs

Top Vehicle Care Tips to keep your car looking good for Miles longer Help and advice for motorists in and around Tunbridge Wells

Hot weather motoring - keep your cool! 25 August 2016

Hot weather motoring - keep your cool!

With almost every aspect of modern cars, if you don’t use it regularly it doesn’t last as long, and the same is true of air-conditioning.

Oil's well that ends well 17 June 2016

Oil's well that ends well

Checking you oil level periodically and topping it up as necessary is an important part of extending the life of your car and, more importantly, goes a long way to keeping down the cost of taking it to a garage.

Are your nuts too tight? 17 May 2016

Are your nuts too tight?

A common misconception amongst drivers is that the tighter a car’s wheel nuts are, the safer the wheel is. However, whilst it sounds sensible, this isn’t entirely correct.