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Oil's well that ends well

Published: Friday, June 17, 2016
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Checking you oil level periodically and topping it up as necessary is an important part of extending the life of your car and, more importantly, goes a long way to keeping down the cost of taking it to a garage.

How and why you should check your car's oil

Whilst doing a full oil change on a driveway with no tools would be ambitious, (if it were easy, frankly, it would put us out of a job), checking it is essential.

If the oil drops too low and the engine is run for an extended period of time it can do all sorts of expensive damage that could have been easily avoided. In a healthy engine, little by little tiny amounts of oil are burnt off. As such, it may require the odd top up to keep it all healthy.

Your car’s owner manual should explain how to check the oil for your specific car, or pop in and we’ll show you. In general, locate the dipstick, remove and clean, reinsert and remove again. There should be a clear oil level halfway up the marker at the end of the dip stick. When topping up the right oil is crucial, Castrol have a website where you can check what type of oil cars take. Check out the Castrol Oil Selector Tool . Alternatively, you can call us and check what we last filled it up with as there are often several viable options.

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