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Jazz on the Pantiles - and all over town

Published: Wednesday, August 17, 2016
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Meaning no offence to anyone who owns one since they are an incredibly well built and a very sensible car but the Honda jazz has long had a reputation for being the refuge of the older generation.

The new Honda Jazz - A 21st century star performer

But that’s all changed! To anyone thinking of buying a new, medium size car, it’s really worth considering. With a recent restyling that has brought it into the 21st century, we genuinely consider it a contender for the most reliable car possible!

It’s one of the cars we see with the fewest complications, and, with generally inexpensive replacement parts, it’s a sure-fire car for keeping down the upkeep costs. Look it up, it actually looks quite snazzy to be honest. (DISCLAIMER: we are not paid anything by anyone to recommend cars, but if any Honda management is reading this then we will happily accept a back payment for this ringing endorsement)

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