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Miles Garage Ltd
65 - 69 Mount Sion
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN1 1TN


MOT Testing in central Tunbridge Wells

We are a fully a licensed MOT testing station, registered with both the Motor Industry Code of Practice (no. 6625) and VOSA. we can help you to make sure that your your vehicle is safe, legal and roadworthy.

  • MOT testing for all makes and models
  • 2 minutes from the high street, we test, you shop
  • If we find a fault, we call you to advise straight away
  • Free parking for the day for any MOT test vehicle
  • Can be carried out as part of a full service
  • Free safety advice and recommendations

Stay legal - stay safe

Make sure your MOT certificate is in date and that you book your next MOT before your current certificate expires. You can do this up to one month before the end of your current MOT certificate. Check out the very handy government MoT Checker website, all you need to know is your car's registration and make.

Miles Garage MOT Checklist - are you legal?

  • Seats and seat belts
  • Warning lamps
  • Switches (position lamp, headlamp, hazards) View to front, wipers & washers
  • Brake controls, servo operation
  • Steering wheel & column
  • Doors, mirrors, horn
  • Registration plates
  • Lamps, registration plate lamps Indicators, hazards
  • Headlamps and aim
  • Stop lamps, fog lamps, reflectors Wheels, tyres
  • Shock absorbers
  • Mirrors, wiper blades, fuel tank cap Glazing (Class 5 only)
  • Doors, boot lid, loading doors, bonnet Towbars
  • General condition of body
  • Vehicle structure
  • Braking systems
  • Exhaust systems, fuel system
  • Speed limiter (if applicable)
  • Steering & power steering components Suspension components
  • Steering including power steering
  • Drive shafts (if applicable)
  • Suspension, shock absorbers
  • Wheel bearings
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Brake systems & mechanical components Exhaust system
  • Fuel system and fuel tank
  • Structure, general vehicle condition

Top MOT & Safety Tips to keep your car safe and legal all year round Help and advice for motorists in and around Tunbridge Wells

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Beware the one eyed monster!

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Tired Tyres = DANGER!

Did you know that on a wet road stopping distances are dangerously increased as tyre tread becomes seriously reduced?

Diesels: don’t be fooled by the enticing MPG! 18 July 2016

Diesels: don’t be fooled by the enticing MPG!

First off, there is nothing wrong with a diesel car, they’re just not right for everyone. If you are doing semi regular (once a month or so) long journeys on motorways, then they’re perfect.

Now let's get this clear! 10 March 2016

Now let's get this clear!

A steamed up windscreen is caused by one thing only, moisture condensing on the surface. The reasons however can be manyfold. Let's look at a few of the culprits to help you prevent it wherever you can.